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Nutritional advice

Premium Diet Concept - lose weight safely

The nutritional concept for healthy weight loss

Premium Diet Concept - Dr. med. Andreas Widmer - ZürichDr. Andreas Widmer offers nutritional advice with the  Premium Diet Concept for women and men. The Premium Diet Concept is a medical nutritional concept with the aim of healthy weight loss. With the Premium Diet Concept we reduce fat in the diet, boost fat burning and avoid eating between meals. This lowers the insulin level, which in turn reduces the longing for food.
The Premium Diet Concept is not a radical diet. Radical weight loss is not just unbalanced but leads to undersupply of essential nutrients to the body. Possible consequences include the yo-yo effect, nutritional deficiency or malnutrition, loss of muscle or the formation of wrinkles.

Nutritional advice from a doctor

Only doctors are employed to advise on the Premium Diet Concept. To ensure nutrient uptake, the Premium Diet Concept offers a range of products for variation.

Dr. Andreas Widmer also uses BIA Measuring to measure the body composition in terms of water, muscle mass, fat and basal metabolic rate. You can get more information at  Premium Diet Concept.

Do you want to lose weight safely? Call  Dr. med. Andreas Widmer in Zürich.